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Others Reporting Our Ideas


More commentators are beginning to report on our work. In other instances we are asked to comment on related work of others. Here we provide PDFs and links to things others have said about our ideas and comments we have made pertaining to UFT-A and the business case for quality.

In the Spring, 2009 issue of the Arizona Medical Association magazine, in an article titled “Show Me The Quality”, three physician authors explicitly cite to and quote from the white paper and its ideas to motivate physicians to understand that the doctor-patient relationship can be at the foundation of physician responses to CMS’s value purchasing initiatives.

In July, 2008, the Healthcare Financial Management Association singled out our readiness assessment tools for physician engagement from our white paper for the IHI as a way for hospitals to determine the likelihood of difficulty in pursing a new physician engagement initiative, making our point that the past is prologue and must be confronted, even when past activities were primarily financial in nature and not about engagement for quality.

In its July, 2007 issue, Quality Indicator interviewed us about the White Paper and our emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship as the foundation for reforming health care delivery, specifically citing our five basic principles as well as contrasting our more robust approach with the relatively limited programs of P4P.

In a review of the 100,000 Lives Campaign and its impact, the International Network health policy & reform, a 20 country project associated with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, considered our Health Affairs article for the proposition that there are likely legal consequences from the widespread endorsement and adoption of the campaign, raising the legal stakes for all hospitals.

In its study on “Which Interventions Are Effective for Improving Patient Safety? A Review of the Research Evidence the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, cited our White Paper as well as five other of our publications on issues such as pay for performance, standardizing care, and the use of clinical practice guidelines.

Longwoods Publishing interviewed Jim Reinertsen in a conversation about our paper on the 100,000 Lives Campaign and its likely impact in hospitals striving to move forward on quality. And in a companion piece they published an assessment of the relative effect of a shift in the tort standard of care in the Canadian health care system. Maura Davis, the author, posited that our ideas merited attention there.

The Hospitalist Magazine interviewed both of us with regard to the impact of the changed standard of care from the 100,000 Lives Campaign on hospitalist physicians.

The Puget Sound Health Alliance identified our White Paper as a resource for their members working on introducing evidence based medicine into quality improvement initiatives.

In December, 2004, at Anthem's 2004 Leadership Forum in Denver Alice's keynote presentation served as the fulcrum for a day of discussion of the basic ideas behind UFT-A. Four discussion groups representing a range of stakeholders considered ideas that are part of or complementary to UFT-A implementation. The proceedings characterize the work and demonstrated acceptance of the basic precepts.

In The Quality Indicator, a journal oriented to physicians subtitled "building your practice by demonstrating quality performance", the opening piece of the December 2004 issue,under the rubric "Strategy" reports on our work on UFT-A as well as Jim's Ernst and Young CEO discussions and other writings. "Initiatives Should Focus on the Physician-Patient Relationship."

Our ideas are juxtaposed against those of Brent James, MD, in "A Better Case for Quality: Share the Savings!" in Managed Care magazine.

The Health Alliance Plan in Detroit reported its proceedings of its May, 2004 conference on paying for quality performance and highlighted Jim's presentation of UFT-A.

Editor Pamela Moore of Physicians Practice highlighted our work on the business case for quality in her opening editorial in the September 2003 issue of Physicians Practice Digest.

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